Guidelines for the Margot Schuhmann Poster Prize 2016


Prizes: Gold €1,000 / Silver €500 / Bronze €250

For the second time, at this event the Margot Schumann Poster Prize 2016 will be awarded to three committed medical technical laboratory assistants. We would like to encourage all medical technical laboratory assistants to submit their topic-related abstracts. The prizes for the best three contributions submitted will be awarded during the event.

Apply for the Margot Schumann Poster Prize 2016 by submitting your abstract via the congress website by 15 June 2016!

Abstracts can only be submitted on the following topics:

  • Quality assurance and laboratory management
  • Development projects from laboratory practice
  • Science and research
  • Training in theory and practice

The abstract should contain a maximum of 1,500 characters (including spaces) and must be submitted in German.

Information about submissions (registration to submit an abstract does not involve any registration for the congress):

  1. Please register to submit an abstract on the congress website and select the congress.
  2. Insert a “new abstract”, enter the title of the abstract and select the radio button “DVTA-Poster”.
  3. Enter the text of the abstract (maximum of 1500 characters including spaces).
  4. Please allocate your abstract to one of the topics stated above (scroll right down to the bottom).
  5. State the authors and co-authors and submit the contribution.

You will automatically receive a message about the status of your submission.

For the first 15 submissions, the DIW-MTA e.V. [German Institute of Continuing Education for Technologists and Analysts in Medicine] will donate a subsidy towards the costs of the congress in the amount of EUR 100 towards the entry ticket. (A condition of receiving the subsidy is acceptance of the abstract by the programme committee and attendance at the congress. Payment will take place via DIW-MTA e.V. on presentation of the congress invoice.)

Who was Margot Schumann?

In 1916, at the age of 24, Margot Schumann published the first textbook for laboratory assistants with the renowned publishers Braumüller Verlag.

The book was a total success, was even translated into English after the war and has accompanied many generations of laboratory assistants. On the basis of her book being published, Margot Schumann was admitted to study medicine without having previously passed a school leaving examination, but it quickly became clear that she did not want to become a doctor: The driving force behind her life was not “helping and healing”, but “research and teaching”.

The Prussian ministry of culture offered her the opportunity of setting up a school in Berlin for medical technical laboratory assistants. She had achieved her goal of obtaining state regulation for this training as an important milestone, and in 1918 she accepted the offer to found a school. In 1921 even the examination became regulated in Prussia, so that from then on there were state-recognised medical technical assistants.

Margot Schumann was a pioneer in the professional history of the medical technical assistant professions. The founders wish to honour her commitment to the profession and motivate the prize winners also to commit themselves to research and teaching, in the spirit of Margot Schumann, for the further development of professional practice.